Check Employee Status

University ID:

In order to get your Jagtag as a new IUPUI employee you will need to be considered an "active" member of the IUPUI campus community.

That means all new hire paperwork has been completed, submitted and approved. You may check your employee status above by entering your UID #

If your status is "active" please bring in a photo ID to the Jagtag Office located in the IUPUI Campus Center, Suite #217 to receive your Jagtag. Be prepared to have your picture taken!

Ask your department prior to coming to the Jagtag Office if they cover the cost of your Jagtag or any accessories such as a lanyard or clip. If so, remember to bring in the completed Expense Authorization Form. If your department does not cover the cost, you will be responsible for the cost of your Jagtag.

If your status is "inactive" please wait 24 hours to check your status again. You may also want to check with your supervisor to see if there may be a hold up with your paperwork.

Please note, campus affiliates in need of a Jagtag must provide written notification from their department on departmental letterhead stating their University status and need for a Jagtag.

IUPUI Employee Jagtag $15
IUPUI Employee Jagtag with a Prox Chip $20
IU School of Medicine Employee Jagtag with a Prox Chip   $20
IUPUI Student Jagtag with a Prox Chip $5
IU School of Medicine Student with a Prox Chip $5
Jagtag Prox Chip Upgrade $5
Replacement Card Fee $25
Clip $.50
Retractable Clip $3.00
Lanyard $1.50
Jaguars Lanyard $3.00
Jagtag EZ Slide ID Holder with Lanyard $3.00 
Badge Holder/Protector $.50